About Us

In the beginning

For years, Bodnarosa Motel and Campground was the dream of Steve and Lori Bodnar. Their goal was simple: to create a beautiful space of their own where people could come to stay and grow closer to nature.

Though simple in concept, this goal was more complex in reality. They wanted to create a space that could appeal to all sorts of campers, ranging all the way from individuals looking for a peaceful weekend, to couples seeking a romantic date, and families hoping to grow closer with their kids and relatives.

This also meant creating sites for different styles of camping too.

Founders Steve and Lori together at the campground.

A dream brought to life

Some people prefer to experience nature up close and personal, “roughing it” in a tent right on the ground. Others want to feel the comforts of home with their stay, spending time in nature, but without giving up modern comforts like hot showers and a proper bed to do so. A third group entirely prefers to take their homes with them by towing a trailer or driving an RV.

Bodnarosa Motel and Campground was to be a place for all of these campers, and in 2011 that dream was realized. The business opened to the public with sites for tenting, vehicles and trailers, and several cozy cabins. Over time, we would expand by extending the grounds so tha more sites and cabins could be added.

Alongside this expansion came the idea to create another space for events to be held, providing even more opportunities for people to bond together among nature. Steve build an onsite pavilion for this, and the space has since been a popular spot for weddings, birthdays, and other group events.

But Steve and Lori didn’t stop there. What did the campground still need? What would make the entire experience better for both campers and the local community?

The Hitching Post

A camp store for supplies was one answer. That way campers would have a place to go for basic supplies like firewood, snacks, and forgotten items without having to drive into town. However, they didn’t want just a simple store, they wanted to take it to the next level.

Soon the Hitching Post was born. With its reveal came a new deli and camp store packed with everything a camper could need, as well as delicious sandwiches for all in the community to enjoy. This was regardless of if an individual was staying at the camp, for the Hitching Post opened to the public for all to visit.

We are constantly adding more amenities to Bodnarosa, and hope that each time you visit, you will find something new and exciting to enjoy!

The hitching post at Bodnarosa Motel and Campground.

Now that you know about us…

…we’d love to meet you and help plan your first visit.