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Mon–Sat, 9:00 am – 8:oo pm
Sundays 8:00 – 5:oo pm



Campground Policies

Updated 6/5/2021

Grounds Policy Alcoholic beverages are permitted on the grounds for everyone of legal drinking age.  Smoking is permitted on the ground but please do not throw your butts on the ground. Absolutely NO SMOKING in our cabins. Fires are permitted, so long as they are contained in the provided fire pits.  Do not attempt to build a fire in an unauthorized location.  Quiet hours are after 11 PM.  We want you to have fun, but please be respectful of your neighbors. Campground Speed Limit is 5 mph throughout the whole property. All small Children must be accompanied by an Adult while at our play areas and while on the property. Please do not allow children to play in the roadways, we would hate to see an accident happen. We provide ample parking space on our property. Please do not drive/park in mulch or grass.

Payment/Reservation Policy For all cabin reservations, a deposit of one night’s stay is required, and must be paid with a credit or debit card. This card will be kept on file. The rest must be paid in full at the campground office upon your arrival.  We do accept walk-ins; however, we cannot make any guarantees about vacancy.  Our cabins do tend to fill up fast, especially on weekends, and we rent them first come first serve.  We do our best to honor special requests, but we do not guarantee specific cabins or RV spots. A $10 FEE WILL BE CHARGED FOR LOST OR UN RETURNED CABIN KEYS. A $70 deposit is required for all long-term RV reservations.  The remaining balance for your first month should be paid at the office upon your arrival.  For Short Term RV & TENTING stays your credit card information will be taken at time of reservation and if you are a NO SHOW or NO CALL to cancel your stay, your card will be charged for a 1-night rental fee. (NON-Refundable)

Check In/Out Policy Please come to the Hitching Post general store on your right when you enter the grounds, this is where the camp office is located.  Every Guest staying with us will be required to give us a copy of a Current Driver’s License & Credit Card even if paying with cash, NO EXCEPTIONS! Check in time is at 3:00 PM. If you wish to check-in early, please notify us and there is a charge of $10.00 per hour and may not exceed 4 hours prior to the 3:00 PM check-in time. Early check-ins cannot be guaranteed due to our cleaning schedule. Check out time is at 11:00 AM. There will be a charge of $10.00 per hour for late checkouts.  Unless previously discussed with management, checking out after 1:00 PM will result in a charge of one additional night (this charge does not guarantee departing guest accommodations). Our housekeeping staff needs the time to clean cabins before our next guest’s arrival.

Occupancy Policy The cabin rates include for up to four adults (except for our queen size bed cabins).  There will be a charge of $15.00 per night for each additional adult. If you have more than four adults in a cabin without telling us or paying the $15 your credit card will be charged. We allow with approval from management for children to pitch a small tent outside of the cabin if they would like to, but this only applies for children not adults. There is no occupancy limit for tents and RVs Tents are NOT permitted at RV sites.  Any person/s visiting your site must check-in with the office beforehand.


FIREWOOD BUNDLES $10/BUNDLE (@20 pieces). Please call to order wood before 7 p.m. and it will be delivered.

Pet Policy Your Dogs & Cats are Welcome at the Bodnarosa,  however There will be an additional fee due at check in…. CABIN FEES: $25.00/PET PER DAY Non-Refundable for all short term stays less than a month. All our Long-Term Cabin Guests longer than a month will be required to pay a $100.00/MONTH Non-Refundable deposit at time of check in. All Guests with pets must sign a Pet Registration form at time of check in. IF YOU BRING A PET AND DON’T LET US KNOW OR PAY FOR IT , YOUR CARD ON FILE WILL BE CHARGED. IF YOU CHECKOUT AND HOUSEKEEPING SEE’S YOU HAD PETS AND DIDN’T LET US KNOW WE WILL CHARGE YOUR CARD ON FILE.  Long Term Cabin Guests it is MANDATORY that our Housekeeping staff come in once a week to clean & inspect your cabin, So ALL PETS MUST BE KENNELED- NO EXCEPTIONS. All Pets must be kenneled when you are not present with them in your cabin for any length of time. Upon checkout our cabins will be inspected by our Housekeeping staff and if there are any damages to the cabins your credit card on file will be charged. Damages include and not limited to: Urine & feces stains, chewing, scratches, mini blinds, chewed or soiled carpets, comforters and bedding. Use of pee pads are NOT allowed in our cabins please take them outside to relieve themselves. RV Customers…. For 1- or 2-night stays There will be an additional fee of $25.00 Non-Refundable, Long Term Stays will be a fee of $100.00 Non-Refundable. You also must follow the rules and have your dog on a leash, they are not allowed to be tied outside when you are not at your campsite. They must be inside your camper/cabin when you are not there with them. They cannot be tied out all day and night…they must be taken inside at night. Pennsylvania’s new Libre’s Law, Dogs may only be tethered outside for 30 minutes when temperatures are lower than 32 degrees or higher than 90m degrees. Owners also need to watch that fresh water remains available. The Bodnarosa will strictly enforce these laws to protect all pets. Also, if we or a guest witnesses any type of animal cruelty or abuse you will be given 1 warning the second time you will be removed from the campground. Please DO NOT let your pets swim in our ponds and they must be always on a leash for walks. Please do not let your dogs bark constantly, we have guests staying with us that sleep all times of the day/night so please be respectful. Please do not let your dog lay on our picnic tables or destroy property to be used by the next guest.  All dog owners MUST leash their pets and clean up after them outside on all Campground Property daily.  ALL PET WASTE MUST BE BAGGED & DISPOSED OF IN OUR DUMPSTERS LOCATED BY THE PROPANE TANK. DO NOT THROW IN ANY TRASH CANS ANYWHERE ON THE CAMPGROUND.  THIS INCLUDES BUT NOT LIMITED TO CABINS (PORCHES), SHOWER HOUSE TRASH CANS & PAVILION TRASH CANS!! IF EVERYONE CAN NOT FOLLOW THESE SIMPLE RULES THEN WE WILL NO LONGER ALLOW YOU TO BRING YOUR PETS WHILE YOU STAY HERE AT THE BONDAROSA.

Smoking Policy We DO NOT permit smoking inside any of our cabins!!  Cigarettes do set fire to the blankets and leave a gross smell.  For your convenience, we have placed ashtrays on the porches, please use them to smoke outside and do not throw your butts on the ground.  There will be a $250 fee charged to anyone who smokes inside of our cabins.  If after checking out our housekeepers find you were smoking in the cabins,  that $250 fee will be automatically charged to your credit card on file.

Damage Policy Damage to the property, including but not limited to our grounds, cabins, fixtures, furnishings, carpets, décor, or linens will result in a charge of 120% of fair replacement value or necessary cleaning will be charged to your credit card on file. The same is true for any missing items from our inventory. As a preventative measure, we do not allow the burning of any type of candle within our cabins.

Internet Policy We provide as a courtesy free wireless internet to our guests for your convenience. This complimentary service is intended to be used for things such as checking your email or browsing the web. We cannot guarantee High Speed Internet Connections to guests wanting to use it for work purposes or streaming movies, etc.…we suggest using your cell phone as a Hotspot if needed. Everyone in the campground uses the same Wi-Fi/Internet Services. If you have ANY Problems with interrupted Cable TV or Internet services, you MUST let our manager know. You are NOT permitted to contact the provider for any changes in our service without it being approved by US first. In using our internet, you must agree to NOT use the service for unlawful activities, and you must agree to not hold us liable for any monetary or legal damages you may receive if you disregard this policy. The use of P2P file sharing services is banned.

Refunds Policy Refunds with a cancellation notice of 2 weeks prior to check-in date will be refunded with a $10.00 service charge deducted. If it falls within the two weeks prior to check in, that deposit is non-refundable however it is transferable to a future stay within 6 months of the original scheduled stay. Transferable deposits cannot be used on for a Holiday stay.  ALL Holiday’s require a minimum of a 2-night stay and your 1-night deposits are non-refundable at any time and are not transferable. Long term Cabin rentals leaving early (longer than 1 month stay) we will keep 1 night rental fee + $10 service fee. Long term RV rentals (leaving early) we will keep at least 1 week rent & refund the remainder. If at any time during your stay with us, you need to be asked to leave our establishment, a refund will not be issued.

Shower House Our Shower House is open and available to all Bodnarosa Guests. With that being said,  PLEASE keep it clean for yourself and others. There are garbage cans provided so there should not be any garbage left on the floors or counters. Take all your belongings with you when you leave (shampoo/soap/razors) Please make sure when you leave all water is shut off and lights are turned off. Children are not allowed in the Shower House without Adult Supervision & NO playing, toys, bikes, scooters etc. are permitted. Make sure the door is always CLOSED. ABSOLUTELY NO PET WASTE IS TO BE THROWN IN THE SHOWER HOUSE TRASH CANS!!! If these rules cannot be followed, we will CLOSE the shower house to ALL GUESTS.

Pavilion Usage

Due to damages that have occurred with Guests who have not had permission to use our Pavilion, NO ONE will be allowed to use our Pavilion unless they have paid a rental fee and have signed a policy sheet. If you use the pavilion without permission your credit card on file will be charged.

Camping Amenities &  Usage

We provide at every camp site for your enjoyment the following: Fire Rings, Charcoal Grills, Picnic Tables and Front porch chairs. If for some reason you do not have something at your site, please contact the Office and we will make sure you get one. Please DO NOT remove these items from a neighbor’s site unless you have permission to do so from the Office staff.  If you are camping in a group and need to combine tables/chairs/grills it is your responsibility to make sure everything is put back at your site before you check out. We should not need to go searching the campground for missing items.